And about the wildflowers

flowers motion oakland parkI get out the other day to take my daughter to play some volleyball with friends. We went to Roberts Park in Oakland.  Roberts Park itself is pretty cool because you just wander among the redwood trees and it’s hard to know that you are in a major city.

There’s a hidden in plain view area of Roberts Park that has a sand volleyball court. You wouldn’t know that it was there unless you went to look for. It’s behind a bunch of trees and just a few minutes from the parking lot. It’s not far but you can’t see it from the lot. There is a sign that you would think it’s an illusion.

Anyway, they got set up playing I noticed that there were some nice wildflowers growing. I had brought my camera and I took some photos of them having a good time. I also got to do something with the motion style that I’ve been working on and playing with some of those came out okay. Check it out let me know what you think ..

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