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Vancouver Dreams

After much longing, I finally got to visit Vancouver. I had heard many things about Vancouver by many different people.

They have a beautiful Twin Bridges park. The park reminded me of a lot of parks in the Bay Area, it just felt familiar.

The highlight of the park is a restored suspension bridge. This was a little crowded, so I was not able to photograph from there. Never mind that I am scared of heights and had to try to avoid looking down… Regardless it was a beautiful day and I wanted to take something to match the feeling of the park.  I had recently done a study on paths, so I thought that it would be interesting to think of the creek as a path.

I am working on another series on coves, because I always get the feeling like I discovered something new when I find a cove. Even if 1,000 people had walked on the path that day, it always feels like a new discovery to me.

The building is the Vancouver public library. It really had an abstract look to the design of it. My wife pointed out that it looked like the Roman colosseum. I am pretty sure the architect intended to do a modern take on that. I thought that it was a little more striking at night, so that is what I took.

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