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Peony love
The other day I was riding my bicycle.  The ride begins with a kind of steep hill.  I noticed that there was another guy riding a bicycle with all this stuff on the back. I couldn’t figure out why he would be riding a bike like that up the steep hill. I kind of gave him some words of encouragement to make it up the hill. He said that he didn’t have to go far.  He just had to go to the Pyrenees. I thought that he was making a joke about how far that he had to go to up the hill.
I just kind of shrugged off, because I was just biking to get some exercise, have fun and make it up the hill.
After I passed him, it occurred to me that maybe he didn’t say Pyrenees, but was are  talking about peonies – as in peony flowers. That made me think about how I took the photo Peony Power last year, and that people got really excited when they saw it.
I hadn’t realized how difficult peonies were to grow in California. A couple hours later, on my way back home from my ride, I noticed the guy set up next to the flowers. He had his easel, canvas, and a chair and was painting the flowers.
The next day I came back with my camera to check out and see the peony flowers.  Well, the light wasn’t great but the flowers are beautiful. There’s half a dozen of them growing in a bush. So this is the result of that experience.

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