Cloud study

Lake del Valle 12655
I was camping  a while back.  I got out to Lake del valle, which is outside of Livermore, California.  I thought that I might catch some scenic landscapes, or something by the lake.  The lake is still there, but the drought has totally dried up the connecting riverbed.  The shore of the lake is definitely farther in that it has been in the past.
Anyway, I was looking for this certain crooked tree to get the rising sun to come across.  I never did find the tree that I had seen just the day before.  Never the less, the clouds had the most interesting formations.  That led to this little study.  I am quite happy with how they came out.  Some of them are brooding, some mysterious, and in some it seems that you can recognize shapes or faces.  I love this one.
You have to check out the clouds collection to see the rest…

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