Folios / collections

I have been intently working on some folios (aka collections) for the past couple months.  The folios are a unique way to bring some “handcraftedness” back in to what has become the commoditized world of photography.  It works like this: I take photos on some subject, group them and print them.  Next, I create a custom cover to hold this collection of prints.  Think of the cover as old school book making.  It’s not a book, but it uses the same concept.  Finally, I package each collection and offer it to people that my be interested.  It’s kind of a bargain when you see what you are getting.

There are actually quite a few more steps than that, but I think that some images work better as part of a collection than they do on their on.  It is also really helpful to have them in context.

These will be offered at the Pro Arts open studios, where I will be showing at Norton Factory Studios.  Very exciting.

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