End of open studios

I had a good run at the Open Studios.  A lot of very positive feedback.  The folios (collections) were available for the first time.  I will add them here shortly.  I will definitely continue creating those on other projects.  They will be limited runs, probably only 8 sets, with a max of 12.   There were a couple of photos that were particularly popular.   One of them was Pismo Cove.  I am really happy with this one, and also happy that it was well received.  I am considering entering it into a contest with Black and White magazine.  The deadline is pretty soon, so we’ll see if I can get it together.

A cove near Pismo Beach.

Pismo Cove

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Open Studios at Norton Factory Studios

This is the season of pro arts open studios. Pro Arts is a collection of artists from around the San Francisco East Bay. I have joined with the folks at Norton Factory studios, and I will be showing and selling my work there. There are about 20 artists who produce their work in Norton Factory, and about 10 guest artists. I am one of the guests.

The building was a factory back in the day and has been converted to artist’s use. It is beautiful.

I will be there from 11am – 5pm for two weekends in a row – Saturday and Sunday, June 7 & 8; and June 14 & 15.

Here is the link with all details http://nortonfactorystudios.com/2014-open-studios/

I hope to see you there.

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Folios / collections

I have been intently working on some folios (aka collections) for the past couple months.  The folios are a unique way to bring some “handcraftedness” back in to what has become the commoditized world of photography.  It works like this: I take photos on some subject, group them and print them.  Next, I create a custom cover to hold this collection of prints.  Think of the cover as old school book making.  It’s not a book, but it uses the same concept.  Finally, I package each collection and offer it to people that my be interested.  It’s kind of a bargain when you see what you are getting.

There are actually quite a few more steps than that, but I think that some images work better as part of a collection than they do on their on.  It is also really helpful to have them in context.

These will be offered at the Pro Arts open studios, where I will be showing at Norton Factory Studios.  Very exciting.

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All together now

Welcome to the new site.  Previously, I had all of my artistic life together under one project, and one site.  That project, Fathers of Color, is still going.  I am doing a lot of other type of photo projects now, so it made since to combine it under one site.

Over the years, I have gotten into landscape photography and a lot of floral and plant work too.   Hopefully, you will like it.  I will feature that here, as well as some other projects that I have in the recesses of my mind.  We will have some slideshows, some audio, some prints for sale, as well as some collections of prints.  These collections are called folios, and I am really excited about how they will look.   They are a print thing, but I am working on their design and should have some real versions available pretty soon.

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